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Custom Onesies

Share the milestones in your baby’s life with Fits N’ Giggles’ monthly milestone onesies. Our onesies are a unique baby gift that can be customized to whatever birthday-month milestone your baby is celebrating! Take pictures each month of your baby wearing the number onsie and see how your baby has grown over their first year. Whether you want to surprise an expectant loved one or treat your baby to an Instagram-worthy outfit, our custom onesies are the perfect gift.

Pick Your Design

Choose one of our four creative designs to customize your baby’s gift.

Mandala Onesies

Scandinavian Onesies

Jersey Onesies

Animal Onesies

Each onesie has a unique monthly, numbered design. Each of our designs is printed on 100% organic cotton onesies and made in America.

Pick Your Plan

You can choose between 1, 6, and 12 onesies, for up to a full year of cute onesies. If you buy a full year of onesies, you’ll receive a discount coupon code. If you are purchasing Fits N’ Giggles as a baby shower gift, you can send your present straight to the mom-to-be!

Pick Your Number

When you choose a plan, you can pick what number you want your onesie designs to start at. For a unique baby shower gift, start the baby at 1 so they are prepared for their first-month photos.

Take Your Pic

You’ll receive all of your onesies together in one package, through the US Postal Service, so you have the right one on hand for baby’s monthly anniversary. When you post your Fits N’ Giggles onesie photos to Facebook or Instagram, tag us to spread the love.


The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones and changes. Our custom onesies offer the perfect outfit for pictures of your growing baby. Finding a way to celebrate your baby’s monthly milestone birthdays or finding unique baby shower gifts is easy with a Fits N’ Giggles baby subscription box.