If you’re at that point in life where it seems like every other week a close friend, family member, or co-worker is announcing a pregnancy, your bank account may be taking a big hit from the massive amounts of baby showers gifts you have to buy.


Unless the baby shower is for your sister or another close family member, you probably don’t want to be the one buying the stroller or any other large gifts for that matter. Here are some affordable baby shower gift ideas for those people in your life who just need something small so that you can save money.



The Basics

There’s nothing wrong with gifting the momma-to-be with necessities―after all, every new mom needs them. Plus, these items add up and start to cost lots of money on top of everything else once the baby is born. Any mom who received gifts like this would be super thankful.

Basic items may include:

–  Diapers

–  Pacifiers

–  Baby Wipes

–  Baby Powder

–  Baby Lotion

–  Diaper Rash Ointment

–  Baby Shampoo

–  Onesies

–  Bottles

–  Burp Cloths

–  Soft Washcloths


To make the gift even cuter, you could put a bunch of the items in a cute basket to create a “baby care package.” Tie it with a bow, and you’re done!


Gift Card

Sure, shopping for everything on your list may be a bit stressful on your own. That’s what baby showers are for! But, sometimes it’s fun for the mom to do some shopping on her own and pick out the things she would like; that’s why a gift card makes a great present. Either a Visa gift card or a gift card to any place where the mom is registered will do.


Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is one of those things that is great for every parent to have, but not every parent thinks that they need it. Many parents find a baby carrier extremely useful when their newborns arrive; plus, you can find inexpensive ones at the big box stores. Baby carriers are an excellent way to bond in the early weeks and months since they keep the baby so close to you. Not only that, but they allow parents to complete tasks more easily since the carrier is holding the baby.


Diaper Pail

A diaper pail, again, is one of those things that is so useful for new parents; however, many parents don’t know that they need it. The Diaper Genie Complete filters dirty diapers into a plastic sleeve, keeping the unit clean and dry and allowing you to empty the pail easily. Not only do diaper pails conceal odor, but they also make your life a lot easier when you have to change your newborn’s diaper almost 20 times a day.


Unique Onesies

This idea is one of our favorites. Plain white onesies may be considered a “baby basic,” but the more creative you get with them, the more meaningful they are. For example, if you order 6-12 custom onesies with “one month,” and “two months” and so on, the mother can take pictures of their baby getting bigger as they reach one year old. This is an extremely thoughtful and unique gift that is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite at a baby shower.



Give the Best Gift at the Baby Shower With Fits N’ Giggles Unique, On-Trend Onesies

Several other items ranging from small toys to nursing covers make great gifts for the soon-to-be mom. There are many inexpensive items to choose from. The one you choose as a gift depends entirely on the person you are buying for and how much money you want to spend. Fits ‘N Giggles makes adorable onesies that can be ordered in quantities of six or twelve. These onesies are the perfect gift for the sentimental mommy who wants to document every milestone of their baby’s first year. To learn more about our onesies or place your order, contact Fits ‘N Giggles today!