You can expect your baby’s first teeth to make an appearance between six months and one year, with the full set of primary teeth showing up by age three. When teeth are breaking the gums, this can cause sore gums and make your baby very irritable. This process is called teething. Signs of a teething baby may include drool, poor sleep, and diaper rash.


Healthy Food For Teething Toddlers

Certain foods are better for teething toddlers, but how do you assure that your little one is eating healthy throughout the process of teething? Healthy eating is important for the whole family; and if your toddler isn’t eating healthy, it’s unlikely that anyone else will. Try out these healthy snacks for your teething toddler.


Soft Foods

Some kids will prefer the texture of soft foods when they’re teething because they’re easier to chew. Chilled applesauce, yogurt, or pudding are all great snack options. Creamy foods won’t irritate the gums, and the cold temperature will soothe the area. Fruit smoothies are also great options, and they offer an easy way for kids to get their nutrients.


Hard Vegetables

Carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, and other hard vegetables that have been chilled in the refrigerator feel good against gums that hurt. Some kids get relief from applying pressure on the gums while eating.


Foods to Suck On

Sucking motions can give temporary relief for gum pain. Babies love to suck on foods like cold chunks of watermelon and rice cakes are great snacks that will dissolve right in a baby’s mouth.


Foods to Avoid When Teething

If your baby or toddler has sore gums, you definitely want to avoid acidic foods or anything that could sting. You also want to avoid salty or spicy foods that may cause irritation. Acidic foods might include any citrus fruits such as oranges. Tomato sauce can also be very acidic.



Your Drooling Baby Will Love Their Fits ‘N Giggles Onesie

Your baby will most likely eat lots of fruits and vegetables while teething; plus, teething naturally causes drool which can lead to a big mess. Luckily, onesies make for the perfect teething outfits. The high-quality material of our onesies gives mothers peace of mind. Not only will their baby be more comfortable, but their chest will stay dry with no drool or food sifting through the material. Our onesies are so great; they can also reduce rash, which can be common while teething.

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