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Imagined from a sleep-deprived mommy brain after the pregnancy of our second child, Kelly (mom of 2) wanted to make our second child’s welcome into the world special. For our first child, Ryan, we filled in the obligatory baby book but never opened it past his third month. We didn’t have the time, or the energy, after taking care of our new bundle of joy. So when Raegan was born Kelly, and I wanted to create a ‘digital baby book.’ One that didn’t take much time to develop and one that we could look at instead of storing away on a shelf. As an Instagram buff, Kelly realized that pictures were the perfect way to capture the growth of Raegan. After a few months, we thought that having a onesie that was easy to put on, looked great in pictures, and helped us see the growth of our baby, would be the perfect addition to our Instagram page.

Kelly, the crafty one in the family, made Raegan her onesies to take her monthly milestone pictures in. Her friends started asking for some for their babies, and Fits N’ Giggles was born. As we grow, our designs have become more unique and have begun to embody different personalities. We continue to come up with new onesie designs that will be rolled out onto our website so every mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or friend can treat their new baby to their digital baby book…and get some Instagram followers along the way.